Aranypatkó Restaurant

Address: 9081 Győrújbarát,
István u. 21.


The cosy, 90-seats restaurant offers a large selection of traditional Hungarian and the international dishes. The keyword composing our menu and selecting the dishes was the word “tradition”.
Our objective is to rediscover the various Hungarian, popular, high-quality dishes respecting the heritage of the past and fitting the current expectations at the same time. The meals are prepared with mainly local ingredients matching the excellent local wines.
We also organise events, for further details please contact our staff.
Enjoy our hospitability and the special tastes of our famous kitchen!
The excellent dishes are all supervised by our master chef Csaba Horváth.
Aranypatkó Inn, Guest House and Restaurant Győr Győrújbarát .
Choosing us is a perfect decision!
At all times ready we are looking forward to your arrival.

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